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I graduated from Rutgers Law School of Newark, NJ in 1984. I am a member of the New Jersey Bar Association and New Jersey COSH. I chose to go in to personal injury because it is contingency fee basis work, which allows for everyone/anyone, regardless of financial status, to pursue a claim for compensation of injuries. It is a level playing field for all.

Initial consultations are free and generally last for 30 minutes. We discuss how the incident happened, damages, potential recovery, and I advise of legal statutes to avoid any pitfalls. I ask people to bring in any police report, insurance information, photos and diagnostic test results, if available. If we will be representing the client, we prefer to send out the request for the medical records.

Most of the interactions are handled by my professional staff, including monitoring treatment, requesting records/bills/films, assisting with payment of medical bills etc… My staff is available to help with all aspects of the claim. They have been working for me for close to 30 years. We prepare every case for potential Trial, although this usually leads to best settlement outcome even before commencing a Trial. I keep clients appraised of all major developments and I am available to speak with or meet with clients when they request same.